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High Waist Shorts with Butt Lifter--Give you a wonderful lifestyle !

Have you been always finding the right butt lifter?

Come here and look at our new style Panties Butt Lifter. You will find it quite different from others.

You can wear it all day and show your charming and sexy figure !

The waist trainer for women is made of top quality Nylon+Spandex with strong elasticity. And the tummy control shorts is lightweight, stay cool comfort feeling, breathable and healthy for you to wear all day.

Our tummy control body shaper and butt lifter produces a slim waist, but will not roll down at the stomach. Make your tummy tighter with firm control / attractive curve shape and slimmer belly.

Perfect for all occasions, you will be the shining star !

The high elastic compression shorts can effectively tighten excess fat in waist control, reduce our waistline instantly. And our body shaper shorts adopt seamless handicraft invisible under any women clothing in all season, high waist trainer briefs full body coverage underwear works great with everything from form-fitting tops, skirts, leggings, tight dresses, jeans, leggings and pants.

You can wear it for dating, party, family reunion, wedding, working etc. When you wear it, you will be a sexy and charming focus of the audiences.

Women Waist Slimmer Body Shaper High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear

BUILD A SEXY HOURGLASS FIGURE: This Women’s Body Shaper Tummy Control Underwear helps you instantly show off your sexy hourglass figure. Create a visibly reduced waistline &back bulge, lift your butt with the 3D buttock outline and smooth your curvy hip lines.

  • Using high-quality elastic non-slip rubber, the waistband will not roll down freely. The waist cincher panties provide midsection and low back support, relief back pain and improve posture.
  • This seamless booty enhancer panties design with firm control, like a weight loss girdle easily suck our stomach in, make our abdomen smooth and tight.
  • Tummy control shapewear for women help tighten bottom and lift up butts, enhancing and hip abundant with no panty line. The trouser leg design also can tighten the fat on the thigh to slim the legs.
  • This shapewear control panties is a must-have for body slimming to give us a beautiful buttock and natural curve, support buttocks well and prevent it from sagging.

Compression High Waist Butt Lifter Panties are Great for Any Occasion

  • Look sexy for a party or wedding. Boost confidence, look charming and feel happier with your friends and family together.
  • You can wear our body shaper thigh slimmer in any season, at home or office, you will look more lovely and confident every day.
  • Helps great moms with postpartum recovery supporting your maternity body as you work it back to its original beautiful shape.

It features:

Creates a smooth and seamless look without lines
Three layers of abdominal compression design strengthens tummy control
Butt lifter design. no padded
Daily-use-friendly design -- Zipper crotch is convenient to go to the bathroom
Two sides plastic bones prevent curling
Anti-rolling silicone strips on edge. No rolling and no thigh imprints
Keep the muscles tight; Sculpt & lift the backside for a shapely look

How To Wear It

• Your body should be dry with no oils
• Be careful with nails, jewelry & pointed objects
• Hold the garment with your fingertips

• 70% Nylon+30% Spandex
• Hand wash
• Do not dry clean
• Do not iron
• Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry

Our Size Chart For Your Reference:

If in between sizes, size up for the best fit. Rely on your waist size for better comfort!!!

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Shipping Time

🔥Our current turnaround time is running 3-5 business days due to our products are all handmade. Although some of the items are made ahead, due to the high volume of orders, shipping times are longer than usual. If I have the item ordered in stock I will mail it out as soon as possible!

🚀Standard shipping is $6.98 and takes about 5-10 business days after shipment. There are expedited shipping options.

😉Thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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