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Hair Straightening Cream Delivers Amazing Results: Straightens and softens unruly hair in no time!

Suitable for all hair types : long, short, curly, damaged or African American

✨Farewell to expensive salons🔥Create smooth, shiny and straight hair instantly, allowing you to easily have perfect styling anytime, anywhere

At -Home Salon-Like Treatment: Transforms hair texture at home, reduces damage, protects natural color, and instantly creates smoother, softer, more manageable hair with a straightening effect.

Luxurious Hair Innovation: Formulated with a unique  natural  deeply nourishing  formula to straighten and control coarse or frizzy hair. Leaves hair  soft, smooth, and bouncy for even the most unmanageable hair.

How to use:  将干燥、卷曲的头发变成柔软、拉直、闪亮、有弹性的头发 3 quick steps 

💥Customer Feedback💥

I'm so glad I found a styling product like this one that has minimal ingredients and allows us to quickly complete our styling routine.

—Dr. Manhattan

good results. This is my 4th purchase and will continue to use this product. 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

— Breonna

This product is best for wavy and curly hair. I have tried many products and I think this is the best on the market! 

— Linda Hayes


Natural formula:

Made with active nourishing ingredients like Collagen, Glycerin, Rose Oil, Plant Extracts. Protects hair, keeps it healthy and smells great.

Instant Hair Straightening:

No need for harmful heated straighteners or costly salon visits, it's specially formulated to transform thick, curly and unruly hair into silky straight locks.

Intense Hair Care:
A smoothing, frizz-controlling mask that moisturizes and reduces volume for thick, curly and unruly hair. Deeply conditions, detangles, hydrates and revives dull and dry hair, improving its manageability and elasticity and giving it beautiful shine.

Lightweight and Portable:
Small size, easy to carry and use anytime and anywhere, easily create the soft, shiny and straight hair you want. 


  • Ingredients : Collagen, Glycerin, Rose Oil, Plant Extracts
  • Weight: 60ml
  • Shelf life: 3 years

Package includes:

  • 1 x Silk & Gloss Straightening Cream

Customer FAQ

Q: Will this product work on African American hair?

A: Yes, I am African American & I love this product.

Q: Do I need to use it with straightener/heat after this? Or can I apply directly?

A: I use it all the time as an anti-frizz/hairspray for curly hair. I don't use any heat or straighteners. And it doesn't make your hair sticky or stiff, leaving my curls bouncy and bouncy.

Q: Can it be used on dyed hair

A: Yes, I have been using it on mine for several months.

Q: How long does it take to stay in a straight line

A: Hello, thank you for your question. 1st... what type of hair do you have? thick or thin. what is your length..unless you have thick and long hair..one bottle is fine and should last you 30-45 days..hope this helps

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