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Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups
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Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups
Versatile - liquid suction cups

Versatile - liquid suction cups

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Ideal for transporting gas in emergencies, it can transport all liquids such as petrol, oil, water, beer, etc. A good tool for a variety of uses at home.
Main features

PREMIUM-MATERIAL:The rubber hand pump draws in a rapid flow of liquid. 2 flexible, durable, clear PVC hoses provide easy access to the container, are gasoline resistant and prevent corrosion.

High-flow tubing and large-diameter ball pumps pump faster, and the built-in pump allows you to transfer fluid from one container to another.
Lightweight and portable siphon hand pump, ideal for various vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as lawn mowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, etc.
This manual water pump is suitable for fuel, gasoline, diesel, gasoline, oil, water and other common liquids, and can also serve as a water changer for the aquarium in your home.

Secure attention

  1. Not suitable for salt water or corrosive liquids.
    2. The liquid you want to remove must be higher than the bucket you are pouring into.
    3. Please leave the hose in the container and do not simply place it on the surface.
    4. Only for vehicles without a fuel grille.
    5. The liquid you want to extract must be HIGHER than the feed tank. The connection end must remain within the liquid and not just on the surface.

Usage scenarios

This manual water pump is suitable for fuel, gasoline, crude oil, gasoline, oil, water and other common liquids, and can also serve as a water changer for the aquarium in your home.


  • PVC
Product size
  • 240*63mm
Hose length
  • 2m
Hose diameter
  • 18mm
Hose thickness
  • 2mm
  • 230g/280g
package contents
  • Auto-Kraftstofftank-Staubsauger × 1

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